A team of Investors, Developers and pro-active Property Managers

We truly value the moments we get to think creatively. Moments made possible by our depth of experience and organisational structure.

Dencora is a family owned commercial property investment and development company, formed in Suffolk in 1973. Prior to being taken private in 2000, the company operated as a PLC for 18 years.

Our existing portfolio extends to over 1 million square feet of property in various locations including Cambridge, Norwich, Watford, Thames Valley, Cardiff, Bury St. Edmunds, Peterborough and Cornwall.

The company has a strong track record of identifying opportunities where value can be added and sites and existing buildings regenerated. Much of the company’s existing property portfolio was developed by Dencora.

Dencora has worked with various stakeholders over the years including occupiers, funding partners, Local Authorities and Landowners.

Real people with real stories

Our work is underpinned by human beings with human sentiments. We use these sentiments to explore ideas and find value where others may have overlooked.

Over the years Dencora has worked with a number of charitable organisations either through direct donations or sponsored events, including:

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